Once upon a time, there was a blog called Learning to Garden.  The girl who wrote her stories there and posted her pictures liked the outdoors.  She lived with her Prince Charming in the basement of their house and had a lovely back yard.  There were a lot of things she didn’t know and a lot of things she was willing to try.

Then she moved to San Francisco.  Away from what she knew, to an apartment with a back yard garden in which she had a tiny place to plant things and encourage them to grow.  The weather was different, the seasons had different lengths.  The girl had no idea how to make things grow well here.

Eventually, the girl made friends.  One friend said to her “You’re just like Snow White.  I bet the birds even come and dress you in the morning!”  People were amazed at the things the girl was willing to do herself.  It wasn’t just gardening anymore.  It was cooking and making things and going places and trying so many new things that were here in this city that is so much bigger than the old little neighbourhood.

A change was needed.  The girl needed to stop writing stories only about gardening.  In the back of her head, she said: Learning to Garden isn’t the only thing I’m learning to do!  Time for a new name!

And so here we are.  A fresh start.

Welcome to Fairy Tales of the City.