I’m taking a course through a distance program that has no online component, and the only interaction I have with anyone about it is my tutor who gives me quizzes.  And there’s no deadlines except for ones I make up.  And I did the first quarter of it in the first 7 months and then gave myself 5 to finish the other three-quarters.  And it’s the only prerequisite I need for a program I really, really want to get into.  It’s challenging.  I spend most of my days sitting with my text-book and a note-book.  I waste time by highlighting things and drawing pictures about what I’m studying that make me laugh.

One part I like the least about this method of studying is that I often find hilarious things in my text that I always want to share with someone.  One of the other fairy tale princesses here in San Francisco is often the recipient of random texts and emails while I’m studying.

And now you are too.

The thought du jour:

The word capillaries always makes me think of caterpillars.  Which makes studying blood vessels pretty hilarious when I draw pictures of caterpillars carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide.