I tried to replicate this Raven Costume this year.  I was willing to put the time into making it since I would be using it while volunteering at the hospital as well as going to a few parties.  I loved the feathers and the bustle.  And, it seemed easier than making a shark costume.

I hard a hard time photographing how it turned out because I was mostly by myself.  But here’s what I got:

The breast feathers were a bit fluffier than in Martha’s picture, but I’m generally happy with it.  I used some hair combs for the hair feathers since my hair is too short for putting up and just having feathers stuck into.

Here’s the whole thing.  The bustle/tail is my favourite part.  Instead of pinning it to my clothes, I created a loop out of the felt, and slid a belt through it.  This made it really easy to take on and off again – which is key because sitting down with a tail isn’t as easy as animals make it look.  This must be why we lost ours somewhere along the evolution line.

I had a beak too, but it kept trying to poke my eye out, so I ended up taping it to a chopstick – opera glass style.  This method worked perfectly as I didn’t have to wear something on my face all night (which I hate), and I still got to have a beak.  No good photos of it, though.

Prince Charming went as The Dude from the Big Labowski.  He wore the sweater I knit him (which is only currently good as a costume, rather than an actual sweater – I keep meaning to fix it, but so far haven’t had time), and carried an empty milk jug.  A pretty lazy costume, which is idea, for someone dressing up as The Dude, since he’s a lazy guy to begin with.

Hope you all had a fun Hallowe’en!

Next holiday: American Thanksgiving – What should I make?