Have you ever seen raw peanuts before?  At the market last weekend, we saw some on a vendor’s table and bought a handful to try them out.  Turns out you have to boil them!

{The peanuts fresh from the water}

Salt some water, put the peanuts in and let them boil for twenty minutes.

{It looks pretty wrinkly.  Tastes delicious!}

Drain and eat.  Don’t let them sit around or they get kind of slimy.

{The empty shells}

They had an interesting texture.  A lot more like lentils than the peanuts I’m used to.  I imagine I could roast them after boiling and get to the peanuts I’m used to eating.  I might get some more from the market on Sunday and experiment a little.

We boiled them before going on a hike, ate some before we left, and ate some more along the way.  A good pocket snack.

{a view from along the way}