5 things that my mom was right about in the kitchen:

1. Rolling out pastry is easiest between two sheets of wax paper.

2. Baking powder biscuits are easy and delicious.

3. When making something sweet, try to make it slightly healthy.

4. Share you talents with others

5. A cup of tea makes the day a little brighter.

5 Things that my mom was wrong about in the kitchen:

1. Garlic? Let’s just leave that out.

2. You can’t experiment with baking.

3. Blech, coffee.  Tea’s better.

4. Use margarine instead of butter.

5. There’s only one type of oil: vegetable.

I keep thinking I should write a New Year’s post as I’ve been reading all around the internet, but to be honest with myself, this last year was a little too hard and too personal to post for all the internet to see.  A few notable events of 2010: my mom passed away, I had the honor of attending my first home birth as a doula with one of my closest friends, Peter and I moved to San Francisco, I decided to go back to school.  2010 was an emotional year to say the least, lots of goodbyes as well as many hellos.  Thank goodness for all of you.  I hope that 2011 is a bit less rocky.

So, this New Year’s post is in honor of my Mom.  She taught me a lot, and she provided me with a lot of knowledge that has been the basis of much in my life.  However, she wasn’t always right.  Now I use so much garlic that it’s a daily part of my life, I frequently experiment with baking and rarely follow a recipe to the letter in cooking, I drink coffee every morning and it’s a constant ritual in my life, I never buy margarine, and there are three different types of liquid oil in the cupboard as we speak, and I’m sure that number will go up.

And now, enough looking back, time to look forward to excitement and new adventures in the future.