Whenever I go for a walk in San Francisco, I come across some sort of oddity.  Here are today’s:

Seriously.  Why is there an orange bell pepper in this tree?  Why would someone do that?

This one I actually saw happen.  I guess there’s a Christmas tree pick up happening soon, because there are discarded Christmas trees everywhere it seems.  On my walk today, though, I saw this guy out in a t-shirt (it’s much too cold for just a t-shirt), walking stealthily to each one on the block and drawing a chalk outline around them.  I don’t know why he was doing this, but I assume it was a commentary on dead trees.  I want to go back in a day or two and see if the outlines are still there after the trees are gone.  I found it quite hilarious.

I need to try to remember to take my camera with me more often on walks.  There is always something interesting to see.