I went for a long walk today up Market street and was spying the Ferry Building all the way, although this picture is from just across the street.

It was market day today and so super busy.  The Ferry Building market isn’t my favourite as it’s usually way too busy for my liking and a bit more expensive than the ones by my place.

The inside of the Ferry Building is my favourite because of all of the little stores.  I go visit Sur La Table every time I’m there, and Heath Ceramics has an outlet as well (with a great new brown/turquoise combo glaze.  Love it.).  One day, my delightful Victoria friend will come and visit and she and I will go eat lunch at the store whose slogan is Tasty Salted Pig Parts.  Also, there’s a gelato store that sells raspberry gelato with lemonade float style.  It’s perfect for a hot, sunny day, which today wasn’t, but I can feel them coming.

Definitely a place I bring everyone who comes to San Francisco.