We blasted our way through our first Farm Fresh box.  I even ate the lettuce (although, it was just as a snack – lettuce leaves and ginger dressing).    Since we made it through with lots of time to spare, we decided to get a bigger box this week.  Turns out we eat a lot more vegetables than I thought!

This week’s box has a lot more greenery in it.  I look forward to the challenge of using it all.

Here’s what we got:

4 Granny Smith Apples (we’ll just eat these as snacks, although one might end up in a salad.)

2 Navel Oranges (ditto as the apples)

4 Minneola Tangelos (yum.)

1 Eureka Lemon

2 Cara Cara Oranges

1 bunch of Broccoli

1 bunch of Chard

1 bunch of Collard Greens

1 bunch of Fennel

1 bunch of Leaf Lettuce

1 bunch of Celery

1 lb of Yellow Onions (aka 2 onions)

1 lb of Russian Banana Potatoes

I made this tasty recipe last week with the collard greens that my friend sent me.  I served them with a side of quinoa and a poached egg.  But, I think I’ll try a different recipe this week.  Any suggestions?

The lovely people at Farm Fresh included a couple of recipes with this week’s box.  One for Sauteed Chard, Stems and all! and another for Fennel Orange Salad.  Could be interesting.  Definitely a place to start!