As you might have noticed, I’ve been writing about the 49 wonders of San Francisco lately.

While I’ve been out and about photographing them and taking them in, it’s been making me think of the things that I love in San Francisco.

Here’s one of them: the view of the painted ladies overlooking the city from Alamo Square.  Always pretty.  Even on rainy days. (Although, on rainy days the grass can get rather squishy and on really sunny days, there are a lot of tourists.)

The painted Ladies

Alamo square itself is pretty fantastic.  I particularly love the dog park section because there are frequently some super cute dogs and they’re pretty hilarious frolicking together (although, I can’t stand and watch them too long because otherwise I think I’ll come across as being creepy.  Kind of like the people who watch children’s playgrounds, but less hazardous.)   On the far side of the square is one of my favourite buildings that I keep hoping a “for rent” sign will appear in because it is painted in beautiful colours and has an amazing turret.