This beautiful structure is what remains from the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915.  It’s usually peaceful, and if you go on a sunny day, the light is warming.  I love the various pillars, domes and ducks.

While the structure itself is stunning, the Exploratorium can also be found here and is usually the real reason of my visit.  With lots of hands-on science exhibits, the Exploratorium can keep me entertained for hours.  Usually I get tired of being in the crowds of people before I even reach the end of the exhibits.

This time, I got to go with a good friend and her almost-one-year-old.  Her delight at things was shared by both of us and made the experience even more amazing.

This is the yellow light room (no filter on my camera) and the fog machine.  The light in The Exploratorium is not idea for photography, so this was the best I could capture.

Although, ticket prices usually keep me from going in, if you go on the first Wednesday of the month, it’s free (although usually crowded with school kids).

So much beauty to be found here, and my pictures don’t do it justice.  If you have an afternoon for wandering, or a need for a picnic, head to The Palace of Fine Arts.

Also, how cute are these tottering steps?!