Between Mission and Valencia, parallel to 17th and 18th streets.

A little alleyway full of colour created by young local artists turning a drug-and-garbage filled alley into a bright space full of imagination.  (And, when I was there, full of wind!)

I took so many pictures here.  Some of the murals were inspiring, some were sad, and some made me laugh.

I loved the colour and the texture of the murals.

This part of The Mission neighbourhood is always so much fun to hang out in.  There’s good coffee, good stores to shop in, good food and lots and lots of interesting people.  I laughed at myself that it took me so long to take pictures of Clarion alley because we are always in this neighbourhood and I walk by the alley so frequently.

In other news: I recently found out that I got into the school program I applied for and I’ll be leaving the city for 20 months starting in August.  Which is giving me serious drive to get all 49 wonders complete!  There’s still a lot more on the list, so I’ve got to get cracking.  Be prepared for much more frequent postings!