I made my way out to Lobos Creek on Tuesday and was blown away by the beauty hidden in the city. I took so many photos. Clearly I can’t post them all here, although I really want to. Instead you get the highlights (which, I suppose, is the beauty of the 49 wonders posts!)

I got off the bus and walked through the lobos creek preservation area. It was beautiful and at first I thought it was filled with lavender (which made me recoil, since it gives me migraines), but it turned out to be this lovely purple plant with pea-like seeds on it!

I found a little guide map and wandered along, got to the end of the trail and couldn’t find the creek! Oh the frustration. So I looked at the map a little more closely and realized I had missed it. This was the view of Lobos Creek from the trail:

I was so disappointed. Then I decided to try to follow the creek across the road and down to the ocean. This was perhaps the best decision I’ve ever made. So I texted Mr. Prince Charming (I watched 127 hours. I know you’re supposed to let people know where you are and what you’re doing.) And look at all of the beauty that I found!!!

Some lovely pink flowers. I wonder what kind they are. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before

Lobos Creek. There was so much greenery here. I felt like my senses were just drinking it in.

This is some very lucky person’s back yard. Can you believe that they have so much beauty right at their finger tips!! I’m jealous.

I love the way these trees bent right over the creek. I wanted to go climb them, but I figured it might not be the safest thing to do.

The fastest part of the creek that I could find. It was warm and I was starting to get sand between my toes. I really wanted to dip my feet in, but I didn’t bring a towel!

At this point, the path got very, very narrow and I thought about turning back because I was walking beside this fence and there were big “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY!” signs. But I kept going. I could see the ocean in the distance.

Totally worth it.

I love this city.