Mona Caron is a popular San Francisco artist and she’s painted lots of murals around the city.

Behind the Safeway at Church and Market (which is on our bike ride home from downtown).

This is my favourite part of the same mural.  The bike track starts as a snake and gradually turns into a bike track and finishes with the bike.  I ignore the snake part (they terrify me!) and love the bike.

This is Mona Caron’s Market Street Railway Mural:

The Botanical Mural wraps around a wall and on one side, there’s a STEEP hill.  So steep there’s a staircase instead of the a sidewalk.  Good ol’ San Francisco.

Around the corner:

And just as I was walking onwards, I found this cute little honeybee!  I love honeybees.

Lastly is the 24th st and Noe Valley Mural themed after the farmers market that is held there.  Yay, carrots!

And an aubergine.

Mona Caron is a pretty fabulous artist.