Saturday started off as a cloudy day in San Francisco, so Peter and I got on our bicycles and headed out to one of our favourite coffee shops for some coffee and breakfast sandwiches.  As we sat there, the day brightened and we decided to see where our bicycles would take us.

Off we went, thinking we’d only be gone half an hour or so, but, garage sales drew us up steeper hills and all of a sudden we were at the top of the hill barrier that usually keeps us from going into the Marina neighbourhood.  Since we were here already, we decided to go check out the Wave Organ.  Sadly, I hadn’t brought my fancy camera, and only had my cell-phone for capturing it, but it would do.

It was a sunny, yet windy day and The Bay was full of boats.  The Golden Gate Bridge was out in full glory – I can never resist taking its picture.

We walked out along the breakwater to where we thought the Wave Organ was and voila!  It appeared like some strange alien artifact.

The Wave Organ was commissioned by the Exploratorium in honour of Frank Oppenheimer, its founder.  The sound that the organ produces is created by the movement of waves in and out of a series of submerged pipes.  The sound is most active at higher tides and best at full moons (when tides are more extreme).

Saturday was a great day for hearing the organ.  We both wandered around listening to a few, than while I went around and listened to each pipe, Peter lay on one of the many stones in the sunshine and listened to the cacophony at a distance.

I tried to capture the sound for you on my cell phone’s video, and then got to explore the world of bluetooth transfers, movie editing and movie file formats, which doesn’t sound complicated, but I’m new to the world of Macs, so it was harder than it needed to be.

Well, after all of that work, I need to upgrade my blog to allow video, which I’m not currently willing to pay the $60 a year for (I know, it’s not much, but I’m cheap).  So, if you’re interested in hearing the wave organ, head over and see my video on YouTube.  It doesn’t quite capture how amazing the sound is, but you get the idea.  Lots of gurgling.  After watching other videos that other people have made, I realize that the organ was actually quite quiet when we were there.  The other videos are really cool (like this one)

Review of the wonder: definitely worth the trip