A beautiful set of ruins at what feels like the end of the earth (if the earth were flat, that is).

When I left my house to go exploring, it was sunny and warm, and then I took the bus into the fog and cloud that so frequently lays at the west side of the city.  This part of San Francisco doesn’t feel like the city at all.  There are rows of houses, people out for a walk, the beach, the fog, the park…  No hustle and bustle.

The park is at the top of the cliff, the ruins are right down by the ocean.  There are so many beautiful flowers out this time of year.  I wonder what is in bloom at other times and if it’s even half as colourful.

The view from the top.  It’s more beautiful when there aren’t so many clouds.  I promise.

Down the other side of the park, is the Sutro Baths Ruins (which is right beside the Cliff House, which was in this post about Wonder Number Four.)

It was so beautiful that I took picture after picture while I was here.  Enough talking.  Just look at it.  Then go visit it.  It’s worth the trip to the coast.

Edit: I just found this video clip over at the sfist – turns out the original bath house burned down in 1966.