In all this last year that I’ve spent living in San Francisco unable to work I’ve been filling up my time with lots of different things.

Studying, volunteering, exploring the city.  My favourite new past time has been making pottery. I love it.  There is something that I find so meditative about sitting at the potter’s wheel trying to make something beautiful out of a lump of clay.  I love the way the clay slips through my fingers and the precariousness that happens every time I pull up on the clay trying to make it taller.  I still hold my breath in that moment.

I recently found out that I’m going to be moving to Vancouver in September to go to school and one of the results of this is that I wasn’t able to sign up for the next round of classes at my pottery studio.  I went by on Wednesday to pick up my last few pieces and to say goodbye to my new pottery friends.

I picked up my new favourite piece.  The same day I got some beautiful sunflowers from the farmers market.  I’m going to miss this city.

This jug matches the glaze of a set of mugs I made (I’ll have to put up a picture of those too soon).  The glaze is a glossy black with highlights of peacock.