They’re sea lions.  I assume that there are some times way more of them here.  But when we went to see them, there was only a handful.

What makes for a good sea lion viewing day?  According to the book, there have been up to 1000 counted at a time during May and June.  It’s June, sea lions!  Where were you?

On our adventures exploring today, we discovered Forbes Island which is a strange floating “island” (read cobbled together houseboat pieces) restaurant.  It was originally built in Sausolito by a millionaire houseboat designer named Forbes Thor Kiddoo as a private floating home.  What a strange sounding dude.  Standing from the pier you can see some tall palm trees (that kind of look like they’re dying), the lighthouse and the motor.  I think I might want to go eat dinner there.  ‘Cause why not?  Their website says that there is bellow ocean dining, which could be fun.  I’ll see if it’s ridiculously expensive or not before I decide.