This started off as a lazy morning bicycle ride.  We were going to stop and get some coffee and see what happened from there.  Perhaps bike into the Mission and look in book stores.  Then I thought, why not bike to the bottom of Twin Peaks?  But then Peter hates walking his bicycle, so we just did it.  One slope at a time.  Everyone else biking was wearing spandex and had fancy road bikes.  Meanwhile I had my city bike with the heavy basket on the front and the not-so-low gears.  Still, I biked the whole way!  (Except for a part where we carried our bicycles up the Pemberton steps, and I think that’s even harder than riding up a hill, but that’s another post.)

The view was incredible.  I had hoped to see the Farallon Islands on the horizon, but it was too foggy (Wonder 49 is the fog.  It keeps getting in the way of other wonders!).

We sat at the top of the peak and ate our sandwiches while picking out landmarks like they were stars (See that big brick building?  Now look just behind it and to the left a little, I think that’s the office!).  Such a beautiful day and we felt so strong and proud to have made it to the top.