This wonder is right by my house and Peter and I spend so much time here.  My pottery classes are here, my favourite farmers market, and my commute to the hospital where I volunteer is through the park too.

There are many pieces of this listed in the list of 49 wonders, and there are many entries to come, but I had to tell you guys about the bison herd that lives in the park that I went to visit on Sunday.

There are five bison that live here, as I found out from the park ranger I ran into at the bison pen.  He had just fed them.  Two were at the feeding area, and I found two more on their way over.  Where was the fifth?  I found her laying down around the back of the pen.  One of the handlers was encouraging her to get up and telling her it was lunch time.  I could see her breathing quickly and listened as the handler made a call and told someone else about the situation.

I guess they did because today I read over at the SFist today that they had to put her down.  Her name was Tenny and she was 20 years old.  They don’t yet know the cause of her death, but I was so surprised to read about it after having witnessed the discovery.  Bison usually graze standing up and the first sign of illness is when they separate themselves from the heard.

The article I was reading said that all of the bison are getting old.  They normally live to between 20 and 30 years, and of the remaining four, two are 20 and two are 28.  They’re going to try to introduce some new bison to keep the heard in the park.  Keep your ears to the ground and maybe you’ll hear about new bison coming to the park some day soon!