Golden Gate Park is full of wonderful things to discover.  The ones in the book are the white alligator at the California Academy of Sciences, the bison (which I wrote about over here), the great blue herons who nest near Stow Lake, and a long list of other natural wonders.

While I’ve been to the California Academy of Sciences a few times, I have yet to photograph the white alligator.  But I didn’t want to pay the $28 entrance fee just to take a picture.  But trust me when I tell you the Academy is pretty great.  If you want to go and don’t want to pay $28, go on Thursday nights for night life.  It’s only $12 to get in, and there are drinks and music and more fun.  It can be pretty crowded, though.

Back to the park.  I love the park.  Lakes, waterfalls, birds, gardens, people.