Hello out there!

I am living in a new city again.  This time, I’ve left my fairy tale prince back home in San Francisco and moved on my own to Vancouver, British Columbia.  No, I haven’t left him, we’re just living in different cities while I go to school.  Let me tell you, this is not an ideal arrangement.  But it’s the one we made, and I’m making myself stick to it until at least December.  If I’m still miserably lonely then, I might consider abandoning this plan and going home to him.

{My stack of textbooks}

That escape clause is what keeps me going on lonely nights when it’s just me and my text books.  I know I probably won’t take it, but knowing that it’s a possibility makes the nights easier.

{My one pot.  At least it’s a nice one.}

I am enjoying being back in school again, and the people I am meeting are so supportive and friendly.  But moving to a new city is always hard.  It’s even harder without the person you love the most.

It has also been strange to start fresh in a new apartment.  I didn’t move much stuff up here because we’re keeping our apartment in San Francisco, so I’ve been living with the bare necessities.  Very fortunately, a friend is moving to Scotland and is selling me a lot of her furniture and things! (Well, not fortunate that she’s leaving, but fortunate that I get her house stuffs).  That has been enormously helpful.  I did make a trip to Ikea, but it is hard to assemble furniture when you live by yourself.  So, this is my couch:

{My couch… as soon as someone helps me assemble it}

So, as I get more and more settled, you can (hopefully) expect to hear more and more from me!

Wish me luck on my new adventure!