One good thing about Vancouver vs. San Francisco: the London Fog is on the menu at most coffee shops.

One time in the summer, I went to a cafe in the Richmond district in San Francisco and tried to order a London Fog. It was a typical San Francisco summer day – meaning it was cold and foggy. A perfect day for a tasty drink.

The barista had no idea what I was talking about, so I tried to explain the process: First you put a bag of Earl Gray tea into a mug with a bit of water. Add a squirt of Vanilla Syrup. Steam some milk (for me, preferably 2%) and fill up the cup.
I tried to tell her that it was a bit like a chai latte, but she still didn’t really get it.
I ended up with very milky Earl Gray tea – she didn’t add the vanilla.

After that experience, I asked a few places if they knew how to make one, but they never did. So I gave up.

Now, there is a coffee place right down the road from my apartment that has them on the menu and also steams the milk so the foam is deliciously dessert-like. Even though the weather is quite warm up here, I’ve been ordering them anyhow.