The new year starts with a new semester.

There are new to-do lists, new text books, and new challenges.

My new year’s resolution? Discover the things people love about Vancouver, explore them and get to writing about this new city again!

My goal: one post each month.  I know it’s not that much, but between school and writing about other things, one each month is achievable.

So I’m putting it to you: what’s your favourite thing about Vancouver?

(This time last year I was missing my mom.  I still do, but it’s amazing how much easier it’s become and how my life has changed since I wrote that! She will always live on in my heart.  One day, I’ll get to writing about how she passed on her skill of quilting to me.  But it will take time and there are pictures that need to be collected. Maybe by writing this here it will make me remember to do it?  Will you remind me? Thanks.)