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The prince and I went to the Jelly Belly factory yesterday in celebration of my birthday.  He was finally able to take a day off of work (tip: it’s best to go during the week when the factory is running), and we booked a zipcar and drove the hour up to Fairfield to get there.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures on the tour, so I didn’t bring my fancy camera with us, but I did manage to take some not-so-good pictures with my cell phone.  It was a pretty great tour.  You should go for a visit if you’re in the area.

unpolished jelly beans

{Photo by me being sneaky.  These are the unpolished jelly beans.  They sit and cure for a while before being polished.}

the yellow robot

{Photo by me being sneaky.  This is a yellow robot.  Those of you who have played the game Factory Manager know how awesome this is}

The sorting machine

{Photo by sneaky me.  This is the sorting machine.  It has a grill that first lets the small beans fall through, and then a grill that lets the regular beans fall through.  The small ones and the giant, misshapen beans then got put into bags and sold as “Belly Flops” for super cheap.  This is what we spent our jelly bean budget on.}

The rest of the day we spent touring around.  We found some fresh picked strawberries (IN NOVEMBER) and gorged ourselves on strawberries and jelly beans for the drive.  This, of course, ended up with me being rather grumpy because I’m not used to eating that much sugar.  However, my prince was rather charming and fed me some bread, and all was better again.

{Photo by me.  Sorry it’s so fuzzy… it’s hard to take a picture on my phone without looking.}