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My newest pottery creations.  One of the things I’m really enjoying about working out of a pottery studio rather than taking classes is that I can do stuff in my own time and it’s nice to see how I’ve progressed over the year. I haven’t made a huge amount of stuff, but the handles on my mugs have really started looking like good handles. You can see it in the picture of the four. The one at the back left is the newest handle. Also the greeny-blue mug is a new handle. I’ve started pulling them which makes a HUGE difference!

Bowl with a double dip of glaze made with red clay. I didn’t glaze the bottom half.

This is the first time I’ve used this glaze. It’s called Cloud Blue. I love the way it ran down the handle. It’s my new favourite.

I am in love with this mug.  It was going to be a present (sorry Shannon), but I think it will instead be my new morning coffee mug.

This set of four is half made out of red clay half out of grey clay, but all glazed with an Evening Blue glaze. It’s only one glaze that just has a really cool brown undertone. My previous favourite (as you may have guessed). Now outshone by Cloud Blue.

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s always really exciting for me to get my stuff out of the kiln. I’m not great at knowing how the glazes will turn out, so it’s a surprise every time. When they come out looking good I just want to show everybody!!


Every week I try to squeeze some time into my schedule to go to the pottery studio.

Behold my newest creation!

This red clay I’ve been working with is a bit of a challenge – it turns to slip so quickly.

But I love how this glaze looks on it.  I experimented with only having a thin layer on the rim, and seeing how the glaze broke in the kiln.  I’m super happy with how it turned out.

In all this last year that I’ve spent living in San Francisco unable to work I’ve been filling up my time with lots of different things.

Studying, volunteering, exploring the city.  My favourite new past time has been making pottery. I love it.  There is something that I find so meditative about sitting at the potter’s wheel trying to make something beautiful out of a lump of clay.  I love the way the clay slips through my fingers and the precariousness that happens every time I pull up on the clay trying to make it taller.  I still hold my breath in that moment.

I recently found out that I’m going to be moving to Vancouver in September to go to school and one of the results of this is that I wasn’t able to sign up for the next round of classes at my pottery studio.  I went by on Wednesday to pick up my last few pieces and to say goodbye to my new pottery friends.

I picked up my new favourite piece.  The same day I got some beautiful sunflowers from the farmers market.  I’m going to miss this city.

This jug matches the glaze of a set of mugs I made (I’ll have to put up a picture of those too soon).  The glaze is a glossy black with highlights of peacock.