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Does anyone else feel like the July long weekend is the real beginning of summer?  It was always by then that I was definitely done school (both as a kid, then as an adult when I was working in the school system), the weather is almost always hot by then and summer things like camping and going to the beach are in full swing.  I love July. San Francisco Julys tend to be colder than I’m used to, but this year is off to a great start.

This July is bittersweet for me since it’s going to be my last month in San Francisco before moving to Vancouver.  I want it to be full of fun things so I gave myself a kick and left the house with my camera this weekend.

Goal: To finish visiting, photographing and writing about the 49 wonders.

I’m getting a little tired of them and there seem to be so many murals to see on the list (which was fun at first, but now I can’t help but think “Great.  Another mural.  It’s pretty, but so what?!”

Saturday, Peter and I got up in the morning and were heading out with the thought of stopping to get some breakfast somewhere and having a lazy day.  Then I suggested that we head up to Twin Peaks, since it was one of the things on my list that seemed like Peter would enjoy too.  At first I thought we would bike to the bottom of the hill, but Peter convinced me we should bike it.  And on our way we carried our bikes up the Pemberton Steps.  Then once we were at the top, we decided to keep on going and hit up 7 more of the wonders on the list.

I should take a second here to tell you that while the map that I’m following has 49 numbered wonders, some of those wonders in themselves are multiple sites.  So, in fact there are much more than 49 things to see.

Then Sunday I checked off another two.

And Monday was one more.

So, stay tuned to read about some more of the wonders.  My hopes are up that I will still get through them all before August!

Happy summer.



{Photo by me}

It’s a rainy day in San Francisco today.

The Prince Charming and I are keeping it lazy.  We’re thinking about making bagels from the cookbook he gave me for my birthday about artisanal bread cooking.  We might play a board game or two.  I might start a new knitting project and do some studying.

What are your favourite things to do on a rainy day?

The forecast for the next few days is amazing.  I can’t believe it’s the middle of October and we just ate Thanksgiving dinner.  Also, things are just generally looking sunny here.  I’m so thankful to be living where I am and to know such wonderful people.

Happy Thanksgiving.