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It’s final exam day!

It feels a little bit like Christmas that is scary.

Evil Santas

Crazy  Frosty the snowmans.

Rudolf on a bad day who charges with spiky horns.

But then, at the end of the day, joy, family, time off and presents.

After eleven months of studying, I’ll finally be done my class!  Hip hip hooray!  Thanks for all the cheering and motivation.


Today I read the last chapter of my text book.
Tonight I am doing my last quiz.
Tomorrow I will finish my last assignment.
Then next week I will finish my last exam.

Did you know that when you whisper, there’s no pitch to your voice?  That’s because your vocal cords don’t vibrate.  You can change it a little by the shape of your mouth, but it has no pitch.  I’m fascinated.

Also, because I was reading about them on Wikipedia, I discovered that there is a form of music called the death growl.  It was in the same sentence as the Tibetan chant, Tuvan throat singing and musical screaming.  Oh yeah, musical screaming.  Of course I know what that is.  Oh right.  I guess I don’t listen to much heavy metal or hardcore punk.  The thingsI never knew I didn’t know.


ps.  Guess what chapter I’m studying now!  Also, I’m in the home stretch.  Just one exam to go.  Thanks for cheering me on!

I’m studying for another exam.  And one of the questions asks: Which layer forms the buffy coat?

Of course, I think of this:

Another long word from my textbook.  This one is harder for me to pronounce:

dehydroepiandrosterone: a hormone released by your adrenal cortex.

And now you know too.

as in the hypothalamohypophyseal tract.
I know it doesn’t beat antidisestablishmentarianism, but I think it comes close at 22 letters. And antidisestablishmentarianism isn’t in my text book anyhow.

The word of the day: Infundibulum.  Makes me think of a doddering old man who rambles on about things.  It turns out it’s what attaches your hypothalamus to your pituitary gland in your brain.  But really now: infundibulum?  Who named it that (Sure, the Latin root means a funnel, but still)

This weekend is the start of fleet week here in the San Francisco.  It’s also Thanksgiving weekend back in Canada.  I will be making pumpkin pie and watching bits of the air show.

Today, the Blue Angels (like our Snow Birds) are doing circle loops of the city to say hello.

They’ll be practicing tomorrow, then Saturday is the big show.  I’m hoping to catch bits of it from home like I’m doing today.  I keep trying to snap a picture of them flying by, but so far I haven’t been fast enough.

Some of you may know, I’ve been trying to get myself an ITIN.  It’s like a social security number, except it means I can’t work, but still have to pay taxes.  I want one because it means I can open a savings account.  But when I went to the IRS today (after finally getting my paperwork together), they say that I *still* can’t get one until I file my taxes.  Ridiculous.  I don’t even know if I will be able to file taxes because I CAN’T OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT WITHOUT THE STUPID NUMBER!  It’s a ridiculous catch 22 that pisses me off to no end.

Dear America,

Why won’t you let me earn some interest on my money so that I can pay you taxes?

I didn’t think this would be so hard.



Les sighs.


Turns out there are capillaries in the lymph system too.  I didn’t know that.  And they are bigger than the blood capillaries.

Clearly, I am Princess of Procrastination.  I have yet to achieve rank of queen – I do, after all, get some work done throughout the day, and I’m on track to get the course I’m doing done on time.

But check this out! If I needed to get an essay done, I might use this.  I might not, but I certainly find it entertaining.

Now, back to the text book.

I’m taking a course through a distance program that has no online component, and the only interaction I have with anyone about it is my tutor who gives me quizzes.  And there’s no deadlines except for ones I make up.  And I did the first quarter of it in the first 7 months and then gave myself 5 to finish the other three-quarters.  And it’s the only prerequisite I need for a program I really, really want to get into.  It’s challenging.  I spend most of my days sitting with my text-book and a note-book.  I waste time by highlighting things and drawing pictures about what I’m studying that make me laugh.

One part I like the least about this method of studying is that I often find hilarious things in my text that I always want to share with someone.  One of the other fairy tale princesses here in San Francisco is often the recipient of random texts and emails while I’m studying.

And now you are too.

The thought du jour:

The word capillaries always makes me think of caterpillars.  Which makes studying blood vessels pretty hilarious when I draw pictures of caterpillars carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide.