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The Cabernet Sauvignon: a good cooking wine
The Shiraz: Didn’t taste like much – would be a good wine for someone who doesn’t like wine.
The Merlot: Smelled (and tasted) like pepperoni pizza. We nicknamed it Peppermerloni.

The end result: Two-Buck-Chuck doesn’t compare favourably to good wine.


This Friday night is brought to you by: The Two-Buck Chuck taste test.

As some of you know, the grocery store Trader Joe’s sells Charles Shaw wine at $1.99.  I’ve had it here and there, and it’s drinkable, but not usually spectacular.

With the help of some friends, tonight we will be comparing the various types of two-buck chuck.

I threw the idea out to some friends and they immediately suggested dinner as well, so now we’re going to have a lovely dinner with our wine too!  I can’t wait!  I’ll be sure to let you know which wine is the winner of the two-buck-chuck-challenge.

{Invitation delightfully designed by Rachel}

What are you up to tonight?